How To Successfully Advertise The HydraFacial – Ron Myers & Richard Gibbons


The business model for HydraFacial is simple and very profitable, with the lifetime value of customers being multiple thousands of pounds.

However, for clinics with small databases, it can be difficult to initially find enough customers from internal marketing who will sign up for monthly packages. Facebook is a cost-effective and viable option that should be a turnkey method of finding suitable customers (profitably) to gain momentum with HydraFacial in your business.

However, many people still struggle to make this work – especially if they try to do this themselves without appropriate training, or if they choose the wrong marketing agency.

In this interview, I spoke with Ron Myers (HydraFacial UK Director). We explore the main mistakes that clinics make when using paid Facebook ads for HydraFacial and some simple fundamental tips to maximising campaigns – whether you do this yourself or through an agency.

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