Consulting Room + ERA Skin & Laser Clinic – HydraFacial Client Generation System!




Ron Myers is the HydraFacial UK Director of Operations and Emma Rothery is the director at ERA Skin & Laser Clinic. We’ve been working with Emma to promote her HydraFacial bookings. In this video, I speak with Ron to find out what makes our advertising system so effective in the aesthetics space.

The Process

We put together our ‘Aesthetic Client Engine’ for Emma’s clinic with the aim of attracting high-quality bookings for their HydraFacial. Instead of just generating phone numbers for Emma to call, we qualified all enquiries before they got to her. This included ensuring they could afford it, had no contraindications and were seriously interested in having HydraFacial.

The Results


After just 30 days, we were able to generate over 70+ enquiries for their HydraFacial treatment. The conversion rates were also very impressive and their bookings filled up very quickly. 

As Ron mentioned in the interview, it can be tricky to generate serious enquiries with Facebook… but with our system we can qualify and weed out any time wasters. 

Are You Ready To Take Your Clinic To The Next Level?

Implement our Aesthetic Client Engine, fill up your appointments and never have to worry about marketing again!