Freyja Medical – Fully Booked HydraFacial In 30 Days!




Freyja Medical are an award winning clinic based in Wales. They specialise in Dermatology, Aesthetics and Skin Surgery. Dr James Dean (Medical Director) approached us after seeing our feature on Consulting Room + online adverts! 

They had just opened up a second clinic and wanted to find out the best way to fill up their HydraFacial bookings. Like many others, they had tried to run their own Facebook adverts but were left exhausted and with little results.

The Process

We hopped on a strategy call with the Freyja Medical to discuss their current marketing and the type of clientele that they wanted to attract.

After speaking, we decided that the HydraFacial was the best treatment for them to promote. It delivered fast results and offered multiple packages to suit the customers coming in. We set up our ‘Aesthetic Client Engine’ and made sure that their team were fully trained on our system + had access to our best converting sales scripts.

The Results


Within 48hrs, they had their first HydraFacial booking come through from our advertising! They are now generating 2-3 high-quality clients a day who are local and in the market for this treatment. Their HydraFacial machine is busier than ever and their therapist are over the moon! 

Are You Ready To Take Your Clinic To The Next Level?

Implement our Aesthetic Client Engine, fill up your appointments and never have to worry about marketing again!