How To Generate More HydraFacial Clients – Ron Myers, Richard Gibbons & Emma Rothery

If you own a HydraFacial machine and want more clients, then this video is perfect for you!

We were joined by Ron Myers (HydraFacial UK) and Emma Rothery (ERA Skin & Laser Group). We discussed how Facebook Advertising can work for HydraFacial clinics to generate high-paying clients that come back again and again!

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Generating new HydraFacial clients can be hard, but when you have the right strategy behind your ads, the bookings will start flowing in.

Richard has worked with over 50 clinics & salons with a tried and trusted approach to lead generation in the aesthetic sector that has allowed him to guarantee results – and Emma has a background in sales and marketing, as prior to opening ERA Skin & Laser in March 2019, she had worked for various pharmaceutical companies including Sinclair Pharma where she was the Marketing Director responsible for Silhouette Soft, Ellanse and Perfectha brands.

Between them, they discuss strategies to ensure that a carefully crafted and tested campaign is profitable and scalable.

If you don’t have a large client database or are struggling to keep particular treatment services that you offer busy, then Facebook marketing is the No1 tool that you should consider to generate new enquiries.

If you’re interested in learning more about the actual framework to achieve this, I recommend that you register for Richard’s free course on Facebook Marketing:…

As there are only a few more weeks left before the end of lockdown, this would be a good course to review now.

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