Is Marketing Too Expensive?

If you’re worried about marketing being too expensive for your clinic, you need to watch this video.

So after doing marketing for clinics and salons for many, many years, I’ve actually come across

so many people who say, “ah, marketing’s gonna be too expensive at my salon” or “I’m a self employed person and it’s only me, “I haven’t got much money to afford it.” And I actually fully understand that and there are times when that can be true.

But for the majority of people, they’re not really seeing the bigger picture when it comes to marketing. And all they see is great, I’ve say, spent a thousand pound on marketing, And they can see that thousand pounds expenditure, that expense is in their account. When the don’t actually realize the potential that that money has to offer. Now the main thing I worry about when speaking to business owners is opportunity cost. And they’ll happily invest say a thousand or two thousand pound into a new machine or into training or to make the furniture look good in their salon, but when it comes to actually growing their clinic it seems to be a gray area where people aren’t too sure who to trust, what to do, and also that money issue comes up a lot. 

But what if you could invest money and immediately have brand new clients coming into your business every single day and were looking to buy courses of treatment? Plus there are phones coming in all the time and having a client for life. What would that client be worth for you? And the lifetime value for that client can go up and down depending on if you do smaller services say like nail painting or facials, all the way up to higher end treatments for say courses of laser hair removal and more like cryolipolysis. And I’d love to tell you a quick story about one of our amazing clients based in Birmingham. Now his problem was he had an amazing experience, he had all the training and qualifications, but in his area he struggled to find people who are high quality, local, and in the market for Botox.

 But he didn’t have too much money to spend on advertising. But he took the jump, invested it and he save his entire business. He actually phoned me a few months ago saying “Richard thank you so much for what you’ve done, if it wasn’t for making that investment

with your company and really going all in on marketing our business would be fully gone.” And that really touched me, that really brought to light the amazing effects of marketing and really how it can transform businesses lives. 

If you’d like to have a chat or to speak to me more about how this system could work for your clinic, in this comment below interested, I’d love to show you our system from A to Z, show you how we guarantee results and really some amazing case studies. 

Hopefully you found this video really helpful, once again I’m Richard Gibbons, have an amazing day.

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