Three Lessons Clinic Owners Learn In Marketing Too Late!

Three lessons clinic owners learn in marketing too late.

Som I’m always on the phone with clinic owners, salon owners, talking about their past marketing. So, in this video, I’ve put together the top three things that I hear again and again which hopefull lead you to not making the same mistakes that these people have. Plus, if you stay to the end, I’ll give you an amazing solution to solve these things instantly.

First mistake I always see is clinic owners pressing that boost button on Facebook. So if you’re not sure what that is, it’s a blue shiny button underneath your post which says spend 20 pounds and you’ll reach 10,000 people. And 99% of the time when clinic owners press that button, they end up at the end of the month with a massive bill and no tangible results. So if you can stay away from pressing that button as much as possible, and the only reason really to press that is if you’ve got an advert that’s already proven to convert that you just want to blast out at a low cost to actually get results. But I always recommend staying away from that button as much as possible.

Second mistake I see all of the time is clinic hiring people with no experience in their sector. So maybe they’ve had experience doing marketing for gyms or restaurants, but really that means nothing because they haven’t had experience marketing aesthetics treatments. So if you can always double-check some case studies, speak to past clients, and this will give you a better understanding before going ahead and spending your hard-earned money, that you are making the right investment.

Final mistake I see all of the time from clinic owners is doing their own marketing or hiring someone else but having no backend system to actually deal with the inquiries or leads. So if you’re generating inquiries, that’s amazing but you need to ensure you have someone on the team or hired a company who actually will follow up with the leads, call them up instantly and book them in.

Now this is extremely important when you’re spending money on Facebook ads. If you’re spending money and you don’t have the systems on the backend to deal with the inquires and book them in instantly, you’ll be wasting your money. So you need to have a system where, even if you’re in the clinic and are doing the treatment, you know you have an automated system which is automatically calling the inquiries and leaving voicemails, texting them, emailing them, and following up. Which meand you can wake up every single day to booked appointments while you were sleeping, if you have your backend set up properly with your system.

So these are the three biggest mistakes I see clinic owners make when they’re doing their marketing or if they’re hired someone in the past.
So if you’re interested in have a free, completely free, audit done of your current social media marketing, then just click below and write ‘interested’, we can hop and a call and I can actually walk you through what you’re doing on your social media platforms, and some easy steps that you can implement yourself instantly to actually get better results online and actually start earning money from Facebook Advertising.
So once again, it’s Richard Gibbons here, hopefully you enjoyed this video and have an amazing day.

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