The ULTIMATE Advice For Every Clinic/Salon Owner!

The ultimate advice for every clinic or salon owner.

If you’re watching this video and you run a clinic or a salon, you’ve most likely invested a lot of time and money into expensive treatment machines, aesthetic treatment machines like laser hair removal and so much more. Plus you’ve gone on all the training and invested your time onto that. But most people, most business owners we speak to have invested all of that money into that, but they haven’t invested a good amount of money into marketing and actually getting people on there.

“So they see, “Great, we’ve got this amazing treatment. “We’ve got this amazing new machine that everyone’s gonna love”, but no one’s heard of it. “No one’s coming in even though I’m the best in the market” “at it, and no one in my area has this machine.” And this is actually the same problem we had with one of our lovely clients based in Glasgow. So she has a genioplast facial machine, and she’s actually the only clinic and salon in Glasgow to have that machine. But her problem, she spent tons of money on the machine and training, but no one was coming in apart from her regular clients who just wanted to try out that machine. And after having an initial discussion with her, it was clear where the problem was. She wasn’t doing targeted advertisements to people who live local, who earn enough money and are in the market for that specific treatment, which is obvious why no one actually knew about what she was doing and that she had this new facial.

So the ultimate advise for every clinic or salon owner is to really take that leap into paid advertising and really having that proven system that you know you can rely on so your pipeline is getting filled with customers every single day. And relying on, say, your website or word of mouth is great, but after a while, there’ll be a point where you get a new machine or you just need that big influx where you’ve hired a new person where you need to get that massive shoot of new clients coming through who actually know, like and trust you but also are in the market and have the money to afford your treatments without being Groupon offer scroungers. If you’re interested in learning how we do it for our clinics and how were typically able to generate around 30 to50 high paying clients every single month, just comment below “interested,” and I’ll personally send you over a link to our calendar where you can speak with myself and we can show you and actually run you through our system from A to Z to show you how you can implement it for yourself or if you can take it to us where you can be hands-off marketing so you can focus on serving your amazing clients.

Once again, it’s Richard Gibbons. Have an amazing day.

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