The Slight Edge – How This Book Transformed The Way I Live

How this book changed my whole perspective. Did you know that only 5 percent, that’s one in 20 people actually achieved the life and goals that they want and the other 95 percent fail and fall short? What’s the difference? It’s all about the slight edge. Now, I was given this book about a year ago called The Slight Edge by my mentor Arabie. And the whole basis of the book is it’s talking about the easy, mundane things are easy to do, but easy not to do.

And a difference between the 5 percent of successful people and a 95 percent of people who fail and fall short, other easy a mundane task that they don’t do. And the successful people actually do them daily and have daily disciplines. And time is the massive factor. The compound effect that after day by day, day by day, doing them small daily disciplines actually adds up to massive success. And it’s all about the curve, as you can see right here.

Now, this graph shows that day after day you’re even going near your goals. You’re going further away from your goals. And it’s not massive actions that you take every single day that gets you there. It’s all about the slight edge and a small daily disciplines that you’re doing. For example, waking up every day and doing 20 press ups, easy to do, but also easy not to do. And the reason the 5 percent of people are so successful in the 95 percent of people don’t do it is because it’s easy to skip it a workout.

It’s easy to say I won’t matter. It won’t make an effect. We can do it tomorrow. But the 5 percent of successful people know that these small actions actually do add up. Now, growing up, I used to see  successful people and I thought they had a massive lucky break.

They inherited money or just got there by some chance. And reading this book, it really opened my eyes up to the compound effect and how successful people take easy,that are easy to do, but easy not to do. And they are disciplined with it. And that’s changed my whole perspective. I now see these things as getting up early, writing, reading, journaling, praying every single day, really helping me get towards my goals.

And it may not make a difference in a month or two, but I know if I keep at it, the compound effect is going to add up in a year or two. I will see the massive benefits, whereas the people who skip it out, who actually dont do that, they are on the down edge at the slight edge, which means they’re not going to achieve their goals, their ambitions that they want in life. Because my story begins the moment you step on the path and failure begins the moment you step off the path.

If you can keep at it, have small daily disciplines every single day, you will see incredible results. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow. But sticking at it, you will see the slight edge in action.!

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