How To Serve New Clients Instantly Without Having To Open Your Doors

Hey, everyone, hope you’re all having an amazing day. Just thought I’d hop on and do a quick video. Really? That’s discussing how to serve new clients every single day without actually having to open up your doors. Obviously, this Corona covid-19 issue is caused major problems for clinics, salons and businesses all over. Really. So this is a quick video to really explain how we’re helping our current clients navigate this situation in the best way possible so they can actually keep cash flow coming through the door.

And the main thing is we’re saying is to switch to online consultations. Now, most clinic owners that we speak to are a bit scared to do that. They don’t like video chat, so they’re not too keen with technology, which I fully, fully get. So you’re probably working for her and are working here from my home office this week or for the next month. We can actually go to our main office. We’re working here. And what we’re actually suggesting most people to do is instead of doing in-person consultations, where you see them does hop onto a software called Zoom.

Now, this is a video software which actually works really, really simple. You give someone a link, they click on it and you can talk to someone like they’re next to you, but it’s just on a computer. And the beauty of this is you can actually serve new clients if you advertise correctly, if you advertise online consultations. People will be reaching out to you more than ever, because what you’ll find is people are at home, they’re in need of your services, but they actually can’t physically get to their location.

And most people are now in quarantine or if they’re in lockdown, what are they doing? They’re actually on their mobile phones. And social media engagement right now has literally skyrocketed. So if you can do online consultations and really the way we are advising people to do it is to treat it like a normal consultation does talk to them about their needs, goals, concerns, worries, and really see the best treatment plan for them, the best packages, any skincare products you can recommend and read treat normally.

And if you genuinely believe that, you can help them. We are selling vouchers up front when a can claim buy a 50 pound voucher for a treatment that’s worth, say, £75 when he reopen. So they’re actually getting cash flow and cash in the door or you can actually take the plus. It’s for your higher end treatments. You can say great. If you can leave this kind of deposit, we will secure a spot when we open and we’ll give you priority for our treatments.

And these are just two of the ways of really helping clinics, beauty centers and most businesses really does keep cash coming in the door and actually allowing them not to get bored or a home or does not do anything to grow their business. Because right now, if you can be ahead of the curve when everyone else reopens and they haven’t been doing marketing, they haven’t actually been doing active e-mails or doing online consultations. They are going to be starting from ground zero.

Whereas you will have already been advertising. You had already been seeing new people. So when your doors open, your pipeline is filled with your current clients, but also brand new clients who really, really want to see you and you’ll be building that relationship as you’ve been shut. So hopefully them two tips have been really, really helpful if you’d like any more information at all.

This comment below or this direct message, me, we’ve been getting so many messages and really does help your own cause with clinic owners, business owners talking about how we can actually set up this for them and we’re doing it free of charge, no costs. We give them the cheat sheet, how it’s actually set everything up and giving them everything they need to get rolling. So hopefully that was useful. We have an amazing they say stay safe, everyone, and hopefully, we’ll speak soon. Bye-Bye!

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