3 Minutes For The Next 120 Days In Your Clinic

So this is a weird time pretty much for every business owner, everything’s in lockdown, people are in quarantine, people can’t leave their houses and your business is shut.

And what I’ve been seeing recently, we’ve been doing tons of strategy courses for clinic owners, salon owners, who really need the extra guidance on what to do in this time where they can’t actually get any income really flowing in as they usually do. And there are tons of ways in which you can actually get cashflow coming through the door while being shut, but this video’s really just talking about using the time that you have whie you’re not busy at the salon to actually think about your marketing and actually grow your salon, so when you come back you are ahead of the curve.

Now there’s gonna be two groups of people in this lockdown, the first group are gonna be salon, clinic owners, business owners who are happy, who are actually using this time to relax, spending it with their family and are just grateful for the break, they’re not really thinking about their business too much, which if that is you, that’s perfect, like it’s amazing, if you’re happy with that, go full ahead, I’m all for it. B

ut there’ll be a small select group of people here, who are using this time obviously to spend with family and relax a bit, but most of their time will be pushed towards actually masterminding, learning new skills and thinking that when they reopen, how they can have a pipeline full of customers so they don’t have to start from ground zero. Because what’s gonna happen is there’s gonna be a group of people here who are being relaxing during the quarantine, during the lockdown, and they haven’t thought about their marketing, and before lockdown they were always moaning, great, I’ve got no time for marketing, I haven’t got time to think about a strategy, but now they have this time, they’re using it for other priorities which is cool, but what will happen is they’re gonna be below the curve, so they’re gonna starting from ground zero.

And this small select group of people here, what’s gonna happen is they’ll be doing half an hour a day, an hour a day, small daily disciplines of learning marketing, learning Facebook ads, and thinking of ways in which they can actually grow their business. So even while they’re shut, they’re bringing in cash flow. And these people are gonna be ahead of the curve, and what that means is when they reopen, they’ll have their normal client base who come in regularly, but they’ll also have a pool of a waiting list of new customers who are motivated, in the market for their treatment, live local and earn enough money to afford to buy courses of treatments. And this video’s really just thinking about what group of people you want to be in, do you wanna be in the group who’s behind the curve, who’s not actually using this time actively?Or do you wanna be ahead of the curve, actually thinking, and even just spending an hour every single day, they’re being disciplined, you will make incredible progress. So this video’s just to make you think, hopefully you found it valuable, let me know what group you’re in, whatever group you’re in, if it’s a right decision for you, perfect, go all ahead, but just to make you think about what the best thing is for your business.

Once again, Richard Gibbons here, I hope you enjoyed this video, and have an amazing day, bye-bye.

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