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Since 2018, our Aesthetic Client Engine has served countless clinics (and salons) who want to rapidly increase their client base. We set up and train you on our system to ensure that you are ready for rapid growth!

Learn How The Top 5% Of Clinics Fill Up Their Bookings With Ease.

You'll get access to the exact A-Z system that we'll implement inside your business. This is exactly how clinics we work with are filling up their bookings and dominating local competition.

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Our goal is to take the stress of marketing away from. You'll have a dedicated account manager who will take care of your needs and answer any questions you may have along the way.

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1. In-Depth Consultation

We'll look into your clinic and see what your goals are for the next 6 months. After we know all of the info about your clinic, we'll reverse engineer your goals to ensure we can help you reach them!

2. Systemise Your Marketing

Now that we can see the bigger picture, we'll start building our Aesthetic Client Engine. This is our AI Machine that we've designed to ensure you generate new clients on auto-pilot.

3. Launch Time!

After you've gone through our 7-Day Training Program, we're ready to go live with your marketing campaigns!

Load up your dashboard and wait for the enquiries to start flowing in.

4. Serve Your New Clients

Finally... new clients coming through the door! It's time to get to work and up-sell treatment courses.

Remember to keep checking your dashboard for new bookings too!

Bearsden Beauty 83 Paying Clients In 30 Days!

Meet Shirley - The owner of Bearsden Beauty based in Glasgow, Scotland.

Bearsden Beauty is a bespoke salon that provides top-end treatments with a personal touch. They had incredible therapists and treatments but lacked a scalable way to grow their client base!

The Process

We approached Shirley and had an initial Strategy Call to see how her salon was doing. We discovered that although she was busy, she needed more new clients for her latest treatment, GeneO+ Super Facial. The machine cost a lot of money and needed to pay for itself!

The Results

After launching our 'Aesthetic Client Engine', Shirley was able to generate 80+ paying clients for her GeneO+ 4 in 1 Super Facial. Her diary was fully booked and she was able to retain most of the clients on long-term skincare packages!

Bearsden Beauty

Treatment: GeneO+ Facial
Result: 83 Paying Clients In 30 Days
Owner: Shirley Cowie

Advance Laser Aesthetics 4X ROI In 30 Days!

Meet Wayne from Advance Laser Aesthetics. He is the clinic director for this specialist laser and light based therapies clinic based in Doncaster. Wayne approached us via LinkedIn after seeing our regular posts showing how we're helping clinics fill up their bookings. His clinic had recently launched and he had just invested a serious amount of money on his Laser Hair Removal machine. The only problem? Wayne needed to get paying clients in fast to pay for the machine and his laser therapist.

The Process

After our initial Strategy Call, we mapped out his clinic goals and reverse engineered them to ensure we could over-deliver on results! We positioned his clinic as a high-end and professional Laser clinic to only attract clients who had good money to spend on courses.

The Results

Within 24 hours of launching the 'Aesthetic Client Engine', Wayne generated 3 paying clients (worth £1735). Fast forward 30 days, he managed to get 4x ROI and a pipeline full of clients. Plus, he had ZERO No Shows!

Advance Laser Aesthetics Ltd

Treatment: Laser Hair Removal
Result: 28 New Paying Clients! in 30 Days
Owner: Wayne Ghosh

Vale Laser - From Part Time To Two Full Time Clinics

Meet Mandy from Vale Laser based in Cardiff, Wales. When we first met Mandy, she was a full-time accountant who wanted to expand her Laser Hair Removal business. She had an incredible vision on where she wanted to take the business, however had no reliable strategy to start generating clients.

The Process

We mapped out her dream clientele demographics and put together a strategy to attract these people into her clinic. If we were able to only target her dream clients and show off her incredible Laser Hair Removal services, bookings would start flooding in! After setting up our 'Aesthetic Client Engine', Mandy had her first PAYING client within 48 hours who committed to a treatment plan. Plus, a long list of excited enquiries that needed to be scheduled in.

The Results

After working alongside our team, Mandy was able to fully book her clinic and make her first hire (as she had no time left to serve the other clients!). She then decided to open up a second clinic based in the centre of Cardiff and then... SHE QUIT HER ACCOUNTANCY JOB! (see image attached) Mandy is now successfully running two busy clinics and never has to worry about having an empty appointment calendar!

Vale Laser Ltd

Treatment: Laser Hair Removal
Result: Quit Full Time Job & Runs 2 Clinics
Owner: Mandy Davies

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